Traci Falbo | Running Mojo, Western States, and the Power of a Positive Pacer

Traci Falbo is one tough and accomplished runner. She holds the indoor 48 hour record (remember this crazy video?), she’s been named to the top 10 list for Ultrarunner of the Year, she held the 100 mile trail record, has completed the Grand Slam, and has countless ultramarathon finishes and wins to her name.

Listen to her first interview on URP from a few years ago where she talks about losing 80 pounds in a year and how running changed her fitness, health and life…it’s quite a story.

Traci Falbo
Traci Falbo’s Western Mugshot.

A few weeks before Western States Endurance Run this year, Traci posted this about a recent race that made her question her relationship with running and the trails. Although she was in great physical shape, she was hating racing, didn’t want to be there, and was feeling burned out. Still, she planned on lining up at Squaw after some serious thought.””

In this interview, she talks about her running mojo and what her plans were for The Big Dance. Traci shares the story of trying to DNF, but was helped out of the aid station by her crew and husband and what she learned on the trails. She eventually finished in her 2nd slowest 100 mile time ever in 28:36.

“I’ve been in ultrarunning since 2011…and have had huge goals every year and really haven’t taken much time off. I thankfully don’t get injured much, so I just set a goal and go after it, set a goal, go after it. And I haven’t taken enough down time, and this is my body’s way of saying, you know, you need to take a break.”

So what’s next? Jump back into racing? Take some time off? Follow along below.

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Connect with Traci Falbo

Here’s her blog.

Here she is on the twitter machine.

Traci Falbo western states
Traci Falbo along with pacers Cindy Lynch and Christy Baker.

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