Trail and Ultra Daily News, Wed, Nov 30

Trail and Ultra Daily News

This week’s Mountain Outhouse with Jamil.  Good stuff on the trail and ultra scene as always…and a cameo by URP cohost Ethan at the end.

Jam Jam mentioned the Quad Dipsea in his update…here’s a great post by QD winner David Roche about not how he trained and ran, but how some solid midpackers attacked training, preparation, and the race. 

Check this out: Best wildlife photography of the year. Incredible!

Under Armour hires another top exec from run specialty. Mark my word: We’ll be talking about UA gear and athletes in 2017.  The big question to me is how distribution will work. Right now, UA is largely “sporting goods” focused, and making the shoes available to run specialty stores on a large scale will be no easy feat.  Also anxious to see who signs on to run for them.

V-eye-bram, or Vee-bram? Teevees or Tay-vas? How to pronounce outdoor brand names.  How’d they not cover Oiselle?  Any others?  

Adam Chase covers the trails on the Central Coast of California.  (For those keen URP readers, that was the area–Cayucos, actually–where my wife and I went on our ill-fated 10th anniversary last year where I wound up in the ER instead of on the starting line of a 50k. If you want to hear a story about me pulling a 2 foot long stent out of my nether regions, have a listen.)

New skin sticker gizmo will determine how your body is responding to exercise and  hydration.  

Like to write and live in Colorado? TrailRunner mag is looking for an Asst Editor.

Looking for a shoe with a wide toe box, controlled heel, plenty of cushion, and a bulletproof build? Here’s my latest review of the Topo Athletics Ultrafly.

Meet the Polish endurance canoeing equivalent of the LetsRun cheating sleuths.

Good stuff: AJW on vulnerability.

The NYT discusses How to Feed a Runner.

This look/sounds like a really interesting podcast about the psychological factors of ultramarathons. In this case, the TARC100 from last October. 

Your feel-good story for the day: Chubby junior high kid turns to xc running, loses weight, and starts winning races. Confidence at an all time high.

Aside from the Himalayas, I’ve sat on my butt this fall. Meanwhile, Jay has been busy racing…all while holding down a job as an ER doc! (Interview right here.)

Big thanks to those who responded to my fundraising request yesterday. I really do appreciate the support.


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