Trail Running and Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, June 15

Guardian UK: Why ultramarathon events are soaring in popularity.

iRunFar: Western States Endurance Run Women’s Field Preview. I’ve got Pascall for the win. You?

Mid-distance record holder and Olympian Shelby Houlihan busted for doping. She blames a tainted burrito and an f’ed up doping system, so who knows. What I do know is that if the same excuse came from a Russian or Kenyan athlete, most of those currently circling the wagon would be rolling their eyes and cackling at that excuse. Mario Fraioli offers a good perspective here. Kevin Beck has his take here. Coach Schumacher and BTC official statement here.

Report: Ice most effective for injury treatment when combined with whisky.

Taggart VanEtten will attempt to break the 100 mile record this weekend with an additional goal of cracking 11 hours. A 10:59:59 would mean 6:36 mpm pace FOR 100 MILES. Can he do it?

The Hill: Sen Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona) breaks her foot running through a tunnel during a marathon in Washington.

Ultrarunning Magazine: Run Rabbit Run reserving spots for the elite “hare” division. Race is in September in Colorado.

Really short news day! Working on the final production of a discussion I recorded last week with ultramarathon runner, endurance paddler, race director and mapping geek Torsten Heycke. Stay tuned. It’s the last week of school and my house is nuts right now.

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