Trail Running and Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, March 13

I roll my eyes every time I see a trail race or ultramarathon described as “the xx hardest in the country!” But with Brian Condon and Abby Levene winning it last year (results), it certainly gets some competition and I’m more intrigued.

Three basic bits of trail running etiquette you’d think wouldn’t have to be repeated. Again, the URP Golden Rule of MUT Running is simple: Don’t be a d*ck.

I went to Jake’s car to lay down for a bit, had an all out bitch fit to Julia, “I can’t do this, it hurts, blah blah blah, bitch bitch bitch” and luckily she wasn’t having it. They bundled me up, stuck a headlamp on me, a veggie burger in hand, and set me off for my third green loop.

Great report from a tough struggle at the Stories Ultra that ended up with a win!

Interested in maintaining your fitness, improving your performance, or fixing your busted body? A sports chiropractor may be a good idea. In our latest interview with MUT runner and Marin County based sports chiro Hal Rosenberg, we discuss how to stay healthy at home, when to to call it quits and seek professional help, and more.

Ever had an idea on a run or over beers that would make for a decent side hustle? Here are some tips on making it a reality. I always love hearing from readers/listeners about ideas they’ve got. Nothing like full time work for part time pay! 

India’s sacred root bridges look the perfect place for a good trail run.

This beer will help keep women safe in the back country.

If you’re planning on spending seventy bucks on running tights, it’s best to read some reviews first. Sarah checks out the Oiselle Hawkeye 3/4 length tights and the Jogging Knickers right this way.

Age-graded cutoffs for ultramarathon and trail running events? I’m not sold on the idea. My immediate thoughts are that it sounds like a ton of work for the RDs and volunteers and takes away the “we’re all running the same race” ethos that I really appreciate about this silly sport. 

Cyclists and runners: Fierce competitors, perfect training buddies, or why do we need to make this a thing.

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