Trail Running and Ultramarathon Daily News | Tues, Jan 23

Katie Grossman dives into the conversation of female runners choosing the best time to get pregnant.  Good, honest perspective.

Looks the Aussies are having their own Kelly Agnew problem down under. All the details here. I’m curious about something: For those of you who don’t like MarathonInvestigation’s tactics, are you still opposed to public outings like this?

AJW drops some tips on training for ultramarathons for those in their 50s, 60s, and older. While not ultramarathon distance, whatever my mom is doing is working. She sticks to road races, but at 67 is healthy and regimented and still throwing down some solid times while having a blast. Here’s my interview her from a few years ago. 

Ultimate Direction announced #5 (a tie!) for the FKTOY awards. [Update: Here are the number 4s for you] I was on the voting panel, and this was much more difficult that voting for UROY.

Nike’s answer to HOKAs. Has anyone tried anything with their React cushioning?

Awesome: New app tells you that you’ve run five miles each day no matter what.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Next time you’re tempted to have a talk about who should or shouldn’t be sponsored, read Mario’s thoughts on why runners are paid to represent brands. Ethan and I have been talking about this for years…it doesn’t matter if you’re fast. You have to have a story and be relatable.

Happy 42nd birthday to one of the coolest guys in the sport, Hal Koerner. Here’s our interview with him after he and Wolfe ran the JMT in 2013. Great story!

I haven’t watched all of this, but here’s a good, casual conversation with US military veteran and recovering addict Joshua Stevens.

This piece on gender equity in the outdoor space may interest you, but it’s behind a paywall.

Have you ever done a 12 minute run? I have not, but now I’m intrigued and could see using it as a fitness indicator.





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