Marathon and Ultramarathon Daily News | Tuesday, April 17

The number one trait you need to be a successful ultramarathon or trail runner: Patience.

What excited me the most about Boston is that I didn’t recognize many of the top women and men from the US. We’ve got a deep bench and these next few years should be incredible. Here’s more on the ladies.

Well written article about Avery Collins and how cannabis fits into his ultramarathon running lifestyle, how feels about drug testing, and whether cannabis use is a PED. (Here’s our interview with Avery.)

…but listening to music–which has scientific proof as a performance enhancer–is celebrated.

Think you’ve had bad luck? Read this account from a running club who’s trip to Two Oceans Ultramarathon was wrought with a robbery, a breakdown, a runner getting hit by a car, and more.

The first woman to run Boston Marathon started her career trail running

A few of my favorite tweets from yesterday:

  Results from ultramarathon and trail runners at Boston:

  • Sage Canaday: DNF
  • Joe Gray: 2:37
  • Mike Wardian: 2:56
  • Dave Johnston: 3:30
  • Jorge Maravilla: 2:35
  • Alex Varner: 2:36 DNF
  • Michael Aish: 3:33
  • Monica Prelle (writer of the piece on Bobbi Gibb above): 2:57
  • Ian Sharman: 3:08
  • Mario Fraioli: 2:37 (recap here)
  • Kyle Robidoux: 4:05
  • No other reports of female ultramarathon runners. Who am I missing?

Happy Birthday to my mom! She didn’t start running until her mid 40s when she realized she had a natural talent for hard work and speed. Want to learn more about how she stays fit in her mid 60s and what she thinks of trail running? Here’s my interview with her from a few years ago.


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