Trail Running and Ultramarathon News, Tue, Mar 7

Has Laz moved to the UK? Here’s a crazy race where runners are blindfolded, stripped of essentials, and loaded onto a bus. They’re then dropped in the middle of nowhere.  First person back to race HQ wins.  Awesome.

Good stuff from Jason KoopMaster these 8 fundamentals and you can finish an ultramarathon.

Global guide to some indigenous ales. Had any of these styles?

Anyone want to start a gofundme page so we can pool our money together for this cool little town in central Oregon?  We could have trails, a brewery, great fishing, proper aid stations, and we’d be in charge.

Do you have a trail running kid between 16-20? Here’s an opportunity of a lifetime.

Gear that doesn’t work.  I’d respectfully like to add the RunBell to the list.  What else belongs in the dustbins of gear guides?

Be sure to check out Mario’s Morning Shakeout right here. Running, training, writing…

Obviously it’s a different sport and organization, but it’s interesting to see the 11 different ways triathletes gain entry to their premier event.  (Take #6, use the money to fund drug testing, and everyone’s happy?)

You heard Sarah talk about her upcoming book on this podcast…preorder it on Amazon right here.

Meghan at IRF reviews Billy Yang‘s Life in a Day movie.  Have you seen it? What do you think?

Speaking of trail films, here’s Jamil’s footage from the Hong Kong 100.

Leor takes us on a snow-drenched adventure (with incredible detail, of course) of the Yosemite Valley. WOW!

Speaking of gear, check out our latest shoe review.  Ben gives the new North Face Endurus TR a good trial and reports back.  Designed with input from Dylan Bowman, it’s a maxi-shoe made for 50-100 milers.

Looking for that next piece of exercise equipment to kick-start your workout regimen.  Read this first.

“Is it your leg?” I inquired, wanting to understand his pain, both of us knowing that I could do pretty much nothing about it.

“No, it’s…. It’s my nipple.”

My husband slowly pulled his thin black singlet to the side to expose a cracked, inflamed and bloody right nipple.

I busted out in laughter.  I couldn’t help it.

More on the universality of pain from The Endurance Athlete’s Wife.  I’ll have her on the show soon.

Excellent pre-race email/instructions from the folks at the Georgia Death Race.  One comment and one request.  Why the mandated gear? Come on, this is a sport of self sufficiency!  Treat us like adults.  And a question:  Could you please publish the names of the runners and crew who get DQed?  They deserve public shaming.

Do you have a tight butt when you run?

Speaking of butts, I probably don’t need to tell you who penned the recent list: Thirteen tips for surviving sh%t attacks like a champion.  Very funny.

Site news: Releasing a new episode today with a speedy fast ultra/road/trail/track dude.  Also interviewing a strength and conditioning coach to tell us how we can get faster (while avoiding injuries) during our races.

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