Trail Running Daily News | Thursday, April 5

Salomon’s got some great new trail running films coming out this spring/summer. Here’s a teaser.

Here’s a great report from a trail run stage race in North Vietnam. After reading Steph’s blog, I’ve gotta up my travel game!

As more people start trail running and ultramarathons, this is an excellent post to consider: Are you serious or just curious? Where are you?

Itching for the weekend to get on the trails? Check out this video of some incredible trail running in New Zealand.

Got Amazon Prime? Check out the new film about Avery Collins‘ run at Ouray 100. I’ve zipped through most of it and really like the focus on the struggle and how he adapts to the situation (wrong turn!)

…and here’s an intriguing interview with his better half, Sabrina Stanley. I understand the competitiveness and hope that she’s able to temper it when need be. Anxious to see what she does at the summer 100s!

trail running ITI

Check out our latest interview with Gavin Woody and Dave Johnston. After competing in some monster races in the weeks leading up to the 350 mile Iditarod Trail Invitational, these guys battled tough conditions to tie for the win. Lots of great lessons and stories. And at the end of the interview, I chat with Gear Guy Ben about his recent foray into ski mountaineering.

Probably best to avoid these trails in Southern California, lest you be joined by feral cattle and roaming packs of wild pit bulls.

Elite beer milers are lining up in Sonoma County the same weekend as Lake Sonoma. Bad scheduling.

Fun interview with Courtney Dauwalter.

Industry folks: Anyone have a Raidlight contact? Doing a big hydration/race pack comparison and want to ensure they’re represented. Email me here. Thanks.

Checking up on GZ. Hasn’t posted in almost a month. Everything OK?

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