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Outside: The author does have a point about how the MTB community is a lot more organized than the trail running community when it comes to maintenance and advocacy. I can’t think of any place I’ve run where a sign says “trail maintained by XYZ running group” (I’m sure they exist!), but I know of many highlighting the volunteer hours of local MTB groups. Same goes for advocacy. Cycling groups are strong with a united voice, while it’s rare to have groups of runners show up to a City Council meeting asking for more trails or looser permitting or seeking a committee focused on runners, and maybe there’s a reason for that: While runners can run anywhere, cyclists have a goal in common of opening up access on trails, providing biking lanes on streets, and asking for more accommodations when it comes to staging events. Runners don’t ask for much, and thus, don’t get energized and organized to the extent the two wheel crowd does. While I’m sure the MTB community does trail work out of the goodness of their heart, letting the powers-that-be know that your group is active in volunteering and maintaining trails also never hurts…

It bothers me tremendously to see Outside engaging in this type of clickbait and antagonism and I’ve unsubscribed from their social media for that reason. Unfortunately, you’ll also no longer see links to the mag’s other good articles and writers and you won’t find Brendan Leonard’s or Katie Arnold’s excellent columns on these pages. Outside is more than welcome to criticize MUT runners, but when done in such a hostile fashion? I simply won’t promote that.

WTA: I’ll continue to link to excellent groups like the Washington Trails Association and highlight the work they do. This is an excellent post with ideas and resources on how a trail group should/could be managed.

BJSM: Scientific study that looks into the mental health of elite Olympic Athletes. We’ve got a long drive tomorrow and I’ll get to reading all of this!

Beer: Lagunaitas goes all in with the terpenes and makes a hoppy drink infused with cannabis oil. The drink is NA, no calories, and no carbs, very similar to the Lagunitas HOP Water I’ve written about, but doesn’t have the same hop bite. In terms of the cannabis, 10 mg is very light and gives a slight relaxation but not much more. Ten bucks a bottle is a bit pricey, but as first to market, perhaps prices will come down over time as demand and other competitors increase.
Or course, there will be some people aghast at the idea of cannabis drinks, but they’ll have to justify why it’s OK (and encouraged!) to market a 14% IPA that packs 300 calories to everyone else.

IRF/AJW: Kilian’s 2010 ultra trail season was pretty awesome, and oh, what a race that was to watch live!

Canadian Running: Good article on the Outside magazine issue.

LetsRun: One of Yiannis Kouros’ crew members writes about what it was like working with the GOAT. Pretty interesting stuff!

For Dre on this particular morning, the thought of going to work all day after missing the course record by eight seconds was too painful an eventuality.  This time, you could safely say that Strava made her do it.

I was a few steps behind her as she crested peak and stood on the summit, rolling green mountains surrounding her on all sides.  Despite giving all I had on the final 400 meters, I couldn’t stay with her. I found her bent over, breathing hard, watching her sweat hit the dirt in front of her face. I laid my hand gently on her back.

“You got it,” I said with the slightest air of solemnity, “By almost two minutes! Sent a lot of emails this morning…”

Fun post about the impact of Strava and goals.

NYT: Alison Felix’s story on her own pregnancy story with NIKE.

TheWalrus: How selfie culture ruins the outdoors for other people.

Industry: You’re all buying a lot of HOKAs.

Koop: Some new acronyms to help your recovery.

Kevin Beck: Excellent post about African doping and why it’s so prevalent.

Telegraph: You get frustrated by single track conga lines? Imagine that scenario at 28k feet in full alpine gear…people are dying because of the traffic jams on Everest.

Happy Friday everyone. Heading down south for a family picnic and some fun trail time with Sunny.

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