Trail Running Daily News | Monday, March 18

IRF/TWIR: Justin does a great job breaking down the trail running and ultramarathon results from this past week. This is what stood out to me:
-Rob Watson’s ultra debut at Chuckanut. Anxious to see what he learned and what he’ll do next. Dude’s a stud and has potential to really shake up the MUT scene.
-It’s rare to see Bob Hearn fall short at a 24 hour. Sounds like he and Jon went out too fast?
-I’m not familiar with Anna Russell (results say Zielaski?), but for her to edge out The Queen on her own trails means she’s pretty legit. Anxious to learn more.
-The Sandlot Marathon sounds nuts. In a fun way, but nuts.

Salomon video: So who’d win a race up a peak in Mallorca? Tour de France vet Frank Schleck on his road bike or UTMB stud Tofol Catanyer running the trail? Yeah it’s staged but it’s pretty cool. I could see a similar race on Mt. Diablo in Northern CA. Anyone?

Awesome: Sixty year old wins women’s marathon in Japan. Her training? Hill repeats, daily runs, and gardening.

Funny: Every type of interaction with a hiker jammed into a 39 second video. About the same for trail runners I’d imagine. Billy Yang…this could be a fun project.

Kaci’s parents house. Imagine this being yours.

Community: I rarely share fundraisers on here, but make an exception for one of the kindest and most authentic people in our sport. Kaci Lickteig’s parents house has lost everything in the Nebraska floods and they need our help. I kicked in some money, maybe you could too?

Cool: Guy finished NYC Half Marathon guided by his service dogs.

Trail Sisters: Time to award some women with grant money for big adventures.

Mountain Outhouse: JamJam covers Rickey’s #EverySingleStreet project, Kara Goucher’s big entry into MUT, doping, MUC, and a lot more. Check it out.

El Paso: What’s the trail running scene like in El Paso? Good groups? Vibrant racing scene?

Psychology: How self esteem and the mental game affect our running goals.

Aussie Circles: The fellas at Ultra168 have all the results and analysis of the Canberra 48/24/12/6 race.

Fast Women: News and results from fast women around the world. Allison also does an excellent job of breaking down the IAAF/USATF Olympic qualifying debacle.

Health: Another way the NA scene is picking up steam: Some of us want to drink without getting drunk.

Throwback: Daily News from this day in 2012: Tim Olson, Jodee Adams-Moore, Max King, Anton Krupicka, and more.

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