Trail Running Daily News | Thuesday? Apr 23th?

Alright, so the “don’t run behind a runner in case they breathe” theory of spreading C-19 had been debunked. But…. what about farts?

Ours isn’t the only sport going a bit nuts right now. Check this out. Here are some British fellas jumping on/off poles and walls, some underwater ironing (wait, what?), and a sport I still don’t fully understand: Skyacking.

Runner’s World: While on a run last year, she slipped and fell into an abandoned mine. After her rescue, she suffered from PTSD and found trail running not something she was able to do emotionally, but through patience and work, she’s back doing what she loves.

“I didn’t just join the Army, I became a Ranger and then worked in some other special operations units,” he says. “When I started scuba diving, I thought, ‘That’s not good enough,’ so I became an instructor and then I got into cave diving, deep ocean wreck exploration. With running I was never going to be satisfied running road 10Ks, or the annual gobble wobble.”

Henry chats with Josh Stevens about his special forces training, the accident that prompted a doctor to tell him he’d never run again, and what drives him to the finish.

106 miles seven weeks after open heart surgery. What’s your excuse again?

Whoa, URP just hit 30k followers on Twitter. How the hell did that happen? Thanks everyone!

Yo RDs, coaches, and others in the outdoor industry affected by this shutdown: Are you part of the Endurance Sports Coalition? Check it out.

Ian Corless’ writes about what he thinks the MUT racing world will look like post-shutdown. I hope and assume his predictions are wrong about how races will be managed. In the states, I expect state and county rules to vary wildly.

I interviewed Jason Hardrath yesterday about his quest to hold the most FKTs in the country. We talk about how he transitioned from road to mountains, the difference between races and solo pursuits, and where we may see him next.

Shoutout to California International Marathon for fair and non-hysterical race management. The race is in December and has not been cancelled yet. If it is, there’s a simple rollover to next year with no transfer fee. More here.

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