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Here’s Timmy Parr’s report from Mt Evans Ascent. It ain’t trail running, but fourteen miles, all between ten and fourteen thousand feet…Ouch.

New WADA report shows Russia is dirtier than we thought and even less likely to participate in the Rio Zika Games.

Didya check out our latest interview? Sarah and I chatted with masters phenom Paul Terranova about aid station efficiency, the insane Kona Slam, heat training, and more, then I turned the mic to Sarah and we discusses her own prep–and fears–about her first run at Western next week.

Interesting: Retired guys in nerd vests methodically measure road race courses to their exact distance.  I couldn’t imagine doing something like that for a hundred miler on a trail.

I’ve never been to Park City, but there’s a North Face Endurance Challenge there in late September that looks like fun. Perfect timing, too.

What workouts should you do in the five days before your next big race? Here’s the opinion from an expert.

Sandi’s post about the female body image was one opinion, and to be fair, here’s another more provocative angle.

Both Darcy PIceu and Tim Olson mentioned this company in their interviews with me last month. Here’s more info on RAD.

The challenge of training while fasting for Ramadan sucks.

Excellent report from the Hell Hole Hundred, 140.6 mile “El Diablo” edition.  Some plans didn’t work out, mistakes were made, heat was excruciating in South Carolina, body had problems…sounds about right!

Personal news: Just couldn’t handle the treadmill today.  Set for 60 minutes of hills, and my heart and soul just wouldn’t let me go on after 20 minutes.  I have a love/hate relationship with that machine, and we’re currently in a very antagonistic, hate-filled period.

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