Trail Running Daily News | Tue, Apr 9

Stephanie Case: What makes Barkley so special, what happened this year, and how to succeed in the future.

Roche: How does alcohol affect your fitness and performance? Biggest drawback for me wasn’t the booze, but rather finding the motivation the morning after. Trail Runner Mag site is down right now…check back in a few.

Sarah Keyes: Quick chat with one of the toughest mountain runners in the US.

Florida: OK, who’s gonna organize a Santeria 50k? Come for the trails, stay for the severed cow tongues and sacrificed chickens?

Run Forest Run! Guy running MdS dressed as Forest Gump.

Shoes: This site allows you to take the sole off one shoe and attach it to the upper of another. What Frankenstein creations would you want? I’ll take a Green Silence upper on an original Montrail Fluid Flex last/sole.

Koop: Mental exercises to get your mojo back. Good stuff we can all use at some point. I’d add to his list…go to a race and watch the finish.

Anyone got $3.5M to loan me? A 900 acre piece of property has popped up for sale right before Bath Road on the Western States course and I think it’d make a perfect URP HQ. I can repay you over the next 400 years.

Stay tuned for a new episode today. I spoke with Gabi yesterday evening about something most of us have dealt with…DNFs and how to move on.

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