Trail Running Daily News, Tue, Nov 8

Trail Running Daily News

NYT: Ultramarathons and trail running keep pushing the limits.

The Shut-In Ridge Trail Run in NC looks like a fun race.  And what a great picture gallery of how it unfolded.

The same store/RD puts on this race with this awesome shirt: IPA not EPO.

Here’s Mario’s Morning Shakeout (Happy Anniversary!) with commentary on the NYC Marathon, World Series, and more.  I couldn’t agree more with his assessment on Mike Wardian.  Not just an incredible athlete, but gracious competitor, nice guy, and a fantastic ambassador for this ridiculous sport of ours.

WW2 vet finishes the NYC Marathon with a shot of scotch.  Awesome.

…and more on the NYC Marathon. This is what I’d expect from a race through the five burroughs: A funk band called the Condescending Liberals with a uniform-wearing NYPD officer on lead guitar.

Honest assessment from a pacer who feared she was in over her head.

Doping, lying, and adaptation.  Yet another reason I don’t support the CSC pledge thing.  The money and effort should be spent on finding answers and solutions, not empty promises.

Raw data: 

  • Hardrock has 24 qualifying races for its lottery. You have either of the last two years in which to qualify (last 3 for Hardrock itself). This resulted in 12,101 qualifying times being posted for this year’s lottery. As of this morning, the race has 1,789 lottery entrants.
  • Western States has 83 qualifying races for its lottery. You have to have qualified within the past year. This resulted in 17,785 qualifying times being posted for this year’s lottery.  As of this morning, there are 3,508 lottery hopefuls, and there are still four days left to enter.
  • Paging friendly statisticians to play with those numbers and come up with a cool infographic.  (Ahem, Gary Gellin.)
  • Obviously some runners have qualified more than once, so the actual number of runners eligible to apply is lower than these numbers. Both lotteries are on December 3. 

ICYMI: It’s election day. Here (is one opinion) of four races that could determine the fate of public lands.

Looking for a belt for your fancy 100 mile buckle? The folks at Bohemian Leather specialize in ultra belts.

Though Ian is in a similar place to where I was last week, one thing’s for sure: He takes better pictures than I do.

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