Trail Running Daily News | Wed, April 17

Urban Ultras: It ain’t trail running, but this ultra fatass runs right through NYC and looks like a blast.

Kilian: How exactly did he acclimatize to Everest so fast? Interesting article.

However, we might wonder why it is, that while we practice being brave, perseverant, or prudent in our running, these qualities are sometimes confined to the context of sport. Stated differently, we speak about sports as having a formative role in our character, but it seems these excellences do not always transfer into the rest of our lives. 

Sabrina Little digs into how we can use athletics to improve our personal character and vice versa. Excellent writing and analysis, once again. (And pretty sure this is the first piece of writing about running that cites Nicomachesn ethics.)

Why do I read this?: The LetsRun MENSA Team has a five page post about what shirt Tommy Puzey wore at Boston. Who are these people?

Trans-India: Woman attempting to run across India will need to average 40-50k each day for almost three months. Get it!

People who say running is 90% mental should know that 100% of the time we also use our legs.
— Sabrina Little (@beaninsneakers) April 16, 2019

New Episode: Check out our latest interview with Lake Sonoma champ Anna Mae Flynn and what she plans on doing with that Golden Ticket. We talk ballet, overtraining, coaching, racing strategy, dogs and a lot more. Also, Gear Guy Ben runs down a half dozen new packs and trail running shoes for summer 2019.

Personal: After a race I’ll often wake up at night thinking about why I didn’t do this or that or why I didn’t push harder here or there. I do the same thing with interviews. I woke up at 2 this morning tossing and turning that I hadn’t asked a few questions of Anna Mae…What did she say to YiOu as she passed her? Could she have sustained that pace for another mile? And since she’s not thrilled with her downhill speed, what has she done to improve it?

Episode sponsored by The North Face Endurance Challenge Massachusetts. Use URP20 for 20% off registration.

Trail Sisters: Reviews of capris that are meant to hit the trail.

David Roche/TrailRunner Mag: If you need a little extra motivation to get out the door, David’s got some good methods and practices for you.

Outside: Bold attempt to list the best hike (ahem, trail run) in every state. Did they get it right?

Things you can do at road races that you can’t do while trail running: Set a WR for running a marathon in high heels.

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