Trail Running Daily News | Wed, April 24

Salomon: Max, Mario, an a few other runner take a group of young kids to trail running camp in Tahoe for a week they’ll never forget. Man, I wish I had the resources to do stuff like this! Nice work fellas!

Ultra168: Dan analyses the new UTMB scoring system and comes to the same conclusion as everyone (though many are afraid to say it) : It’s the Poletti’s race and they can do what they want with it, but it’s just one big cash grab and it’s changing the sport for the worse.

Trail Sisters: More kids running trails! If we want this silly sport to survive and flourish, we’ve got to play the long game and invest in this upcoming generation of trail rippers. Nice!

MassUltra: While throngs of people took to the streets between Hopkinton and Boston, these trail runners ran the annual “Don’t Run Boston” 50k a few towns away.

Outside: MTBers in Boulder and Nedeland Colorado are in a fierce battle over trail use. I’m curious where trail runners fit into this story.

Mountain Outhouse: Sonoma wrap up, Anton back to the trails, and more UTMB analysis. (I’d love to see a “day in the life” of Jamil Coury that shows how he juggles all these different ventures…anyone?)

From Angela Kinsey’s Instagram.

Per Angela Schrute (and yeah, probably some ad money from Heineken), Friday is Bring Your Beer to Work Day. Use it as a way to introduce yourself to NA beers and to start some sh*t in the office. I’d highly recommend Athletic Brewing’s Run Wild IPA or Lagunitas Hop Water or for something less hoppy, a Paulener Weizen Radler.

It’s getting hot in here: Got a race planned for early summer but you’re living in cooler climates? David Roche offers up some ideas on how to acclimatize to warmer climates and learn to tolerate the heat.

Runners World: Mom pushes stroller with 8mo daughter to new half marathon WR. For those who’ve never run with a stroller, this is a lot more than just speed. This is timing and bulletproof instincts to get the kid changed, fed, and down at the right time so you can get your run in. This is about hearing a little whimper (while running 6mpm, no less) and assessing whether it’s going to blow up into something huge. And this is about grabbing a handful of Goldfish from the cupholder and hurling them at just the right trajectory that they’ll land on the child, buying you another 10 minutes to run. Mad props, mamma.

What’s it like to be 18 and run an ultra?

Ultrarunning Mag: Coach Matt Laye writes about the role of protein during our runs. Turns out it’s kinda important.

Beer: Sierra Nevada steps up with a Pail Ales for Trails that’ll help maintain our incredible public trail system.

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