Trail Running Daily News | Wed, Jan 8

Should poles be banned in ultra trail races? Damian Hall and Joe Gray present both sides.
Can’t really tell if this discussion is focused on trails or ultras. Very different answer for different distances.
Personally, I like the idea of “poles must be kept away in your pack until x miles” to alleviate start-line stabbings.

How many shoes do you have piled up in your closet/garage/trunk? Here are a few options on recycling your old running shoes.

Looks like Kilian doesn’t have the points to run UTMB.
Alright, I understand the argument that “Fair is fair. He didn’t get the points, he shouldn’t run.” However…if UTMB wants to stay at the top of international competitive ultra mountain races, they need to find a way to let in the best ultra mountain runner of the past decade.

Jim Johnson writes an incredible post about feeling fatigued on a few runs, having respiration problems, and ultimately hearing docs discuss his advanced directive while lying in the ED. Wow, crazy story!
Always a good reminder to listen your body.

Once again, hats off to all the RDs and team coaches out there. What I deal with on a small scale (literally and figuratively) is nothing compared to what you all must have to deal with on a regular basis.

Daily Mail: Canadians are choosing cannabis over beer in large numbers.

TrailRunMag: Findings from a study that challenge some conventional wisdom: Women are faster than men at 200 milers, our collective average pace has slowed significantly, and the nations with the fastest ultraunners are not the US, Spain, or Japan.
I’d love to read a good challenge to this study. Anyone have a link or response?

Are women’s abilities at ultra-endurance due to increased levels of estrogen? Here’s the science.

ABC: A bill in Tennessee would force students to compete as the sex assigned at birth.

UROY: Addie Bracy and Mark Hammond come in at #8 on Ultrarunning Magazine’s UROY Countdown. Makes sense.

Kevin Beck: (NUC) No Ultra Content, but a story about visiting an old running friend amidst a serious alcohol-induced breakdown. Excellent writing focused on a serious subject. Give it a few minutes and read the whole thing.

Treeline Journal: Maybe a few out of touch editors don’t like stories that involve pooping in an Italian recycling bin mid-race, but I sure as hell do.

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