Trail Running Daily News | Wednesday, May 20

CTS/Koop: What MUT races may look like in the future and how to prepare for them. (All good possible changes in my opinion!)
I’m still looking for an “outlaw” race that’s somewhere between a rave and a fatass that’s got a strong competitive element. Will someone please organize one soon?

Where are they now? Two time Marathon des Sables Elisabet Barnes is a sex and couples therapist. Something tells me she’d be a very interesting guest for the show.

We use “virtual race” for different types of events, and I wish someone would coin a term that differentiates them. Here’s the distinction:

  • “Races” where you log your miles and say, run 100 miles over a week or run a 5k on a certain day and log your time. Most include a shirt.
  • Races where you’re competing against other runners in a live format. Think Quarantine Backyard Ultra where there’s a real-time competitive element.

Any ideas what to call each, or did I miss something already?

Speaking of those, the QBU is coming back in July. I’ll be in.

Treeline Journal: Chase gets into Gaia GPS mapping and shares what he’s learned. I’ve been curious about this stuff too.

Looking for some new music? Check out the Ruen Brothers. Somewhere between Father John Misty and Roy Orbison…I’m digging them and can’t wait until we’ve got live music again!

It’s three years old, but imagine having this type of attention paid to high school girls running in America. Incredible!

Basic features will remain free, Strava ensures pathetic cheapskates.

UTMB cancelled for the year. Their 55% refund policy is sure to cause some hysteria today. More from SCMP. So many questions about points, deferrals, etc.

This freight-train tendency—committing to goals or routines that no longer make sense—is fairly typical of runners. We chase a revolving race calendar that refreshes with every orbit of the sun, and we proceed from one goal to the next without pausing to consider it all. There is inertia in running, and this makes us efficient and productive. But we forget to pause and examine whether the ways in which we engage in our sport are healthy or conducive to investing in the world beyond ourselves. Being “benched” is a great opportunity to ask these questions.

Sabrina Little in iRunFar and how we can use this time to our advantage.

Ultrarunning Mag: Fantastic essay by Drew Dinan (from a dad’s perspective) about how we’ve adapted and changed our priorities over the past few months.

Outside/Hutch: The science of running faster. We’ve moved waaaay past springy shoes.

Trailrunner Mag/Roche: How to use power hill strides to up your trail running.

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