Trail Running Daily News | Wuesday Mar 8

Ever wanted to jump on a bus with Rickey Gates and a bunch of friends and travel around the West, only stopping to run trails, dance, and eat? Looks like fun.

BBC: Paris, France bans outdoor exercise between 10am-7pm. Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen here.

If there’s one more challenging than answering “when the hell will this all end?!?” it’s LetsRun’s recent attempt to rank the best distance runners of all time.

I’ve had Matt B Davis (from Obstacle Racing Media) on the show before and known him for years. He’s putting on a unique event next weekend that looks like a lot of fun and includes a new format. Find a five mile loop outside and run it within an hour. Now do that up to twelve times. (Race goes from 8am-8pm.) If there’s a tie–which there almost certainly will be–the win goes to the person with the overall lowest cumulative time. So it’s essentially a LMS event with a time cap and a speed component. Hell yes, I’m in!

Ultrarunning Mag (LINK FIXED): Iron Horse sounds like a good race for those of who like non-technical trails, lower vert, and good people. And hey check it out, URP friend Mae won the women’s division in the 100 miler!

ATRA: Virtual races are dangerous and RDs should focus on other aspects of their business during the shutdown. I’ll respectfully disagree with Greg here. Sure there are those who’ll be on the same trails, but that’s gong to happen with or without a race going on. My route on Saturday was shared by exactly no one other than me.

Big props to rabbit for consistently making great running shorts. Just got a new pair (FKT 5″) and they’ve got the two things that are most important to me while picking running short: Pockets and a good drawstring. This isn’t an ad or a paid spot, just an acknowledgement that they’re doing it right at rabbit and focusing on the little details that matter.

CTS/Koop: Don’t worry, you’re not going to lose all your training during the lockdown. (Am I the only person running a lot more and loving it?)

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