Trail Running and Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Mar 7

Handsome Hal writes about dealing with nature’s elements in ultramarathons and trail running events.

If you haven’t seen this footage of Max King crushing Goat Hill at Way Too Cool, check it out.

Today is day three of Stephanie Case somehow making it into the URP Daily News. Today it’s as co-conspirator (along with Amy Sproston) in Megan Laws’ excellent–and thorough–TransGrancanaria race report.

I’m going to assume that Megan, Amy or Stephanie would never order one of these. Or these.

The South Rim Trail in Big Bend NP (Texas) looks like it’s ripe for an FKT attempt. Couldn’t find one on the Boards…anyone know who’s got it?

Community: There’s a visually impaired trail runner looking for a sighted guide for Vermont 100 in July. Could you help? And if you’re interested in sharing guiding duties with me for Kyle’s SLO 50M on Sept 1, let me know and I’ll connect you.

Seems that all the competitors were DQ’ed last weekend already, right?

A whole bunch of NSAIDs that may or may not help your pain threshold and recovery, along with their side effects. And again, an organic plant I grow next to my basil is still not allowed.

Here’s a cool site about trail running with kids. Gear, interviews, races, news…well done!

Not sure what happened, but a runner in the UK busted the lip of a teenager on a bike.

Good report from the Arrowhead 135 in ultrarunning magazine. 

Interested in learning more about Timothy Olson’s mindful approach to life and running? He just put out a Run Mindful app that may be up your alley. I downloaded it yesterday and will report back.

Someone wrote on Twitter a few days ago that “The world needs more Ladia“, and after yesterday’s interview with her, I couldn’t agree more. I’ll release the episode this afternoon and can guarantee that she’ll make you smile. I can’t remember the last time I was so happy after an interview.


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