Trail Ultra Daily News, Fri, Oct 14

Trail Ultra News From Around the World – Friday, October 14

Great discussion: How green is mountain biking?  Does it matter to you? Does the fact it’s still better than driving affect your opinion?

Six southwest Colorado trail ultra races that aren’t Hardrock.

My dog Carlos is pathetic and gets tired after one mile. I need a german canicross pooch that will pull me though the woods like this.  (Any German readers want to chime in with a translation? Sabine?)

Returning to exercise after childbirth.

Dakota remember his time as a high school XC runner, which was, without a doubt the most transformative time of my life.  Though my oldest is still a long way from high school, I’ll admit to spending an exorbitant amount of time worrying about whether or not she’ll want to run XC in 9th grade and how I don’t want to screw that up.

There are a lot of trail ultra runners who eschew meat. Let’s see if the “MUT hotbed” map lines up with the “friendliest cities for vegetarians” list.   

Ever wondered what the north end of the PCT actually looks like. Like, how do you actually know when you’re done with your 2650 mile trek?  Here.

This is why I’m fascinated by the Japanese road running scene: In the latest ekiden, fifty teams show up, placed their top 12 runners in single file (ranked by PR) at the starting line, and the gun blows.  Check out the chart of the top fifteen teams…they’ve all got an average half marathon time of >65 minutes.  That’s depth.

Russian race walkers given four year ban for doping–and for participating in a lame sport. (Hold your emails, it’s a joke.)

Max Siegel is rapidly approaching Sep Blatter as the most corrupt sport federation leader in the world.  Outside Magazine fires this shot at the USATF President and his lavish life. (LINK FIXED)

Diagonale des Fous is taking place this weekend in the Reunion Islands and has some top Europeans running.  Then there’s this: Jenn Shelton is on the list to run. Like Meghan, I’m curious if she’s running…has she been running? Anxious to see how she does and would love to see her make a strong comeback.

It’s two years old, but watch this talk by blind trail ultra dude Simon Wheatcroft.  What’s your excuse again?

I recorded an awesome interview yesterday with Sarah Keyes.  She ran a brewpub, lived in her truck, runs with her dog, and is really starting to kick ass at domestic Sky Running events.  I’ll release the interview while I’m gone. Stay tuned.


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