Trail and Ultra Daily News | Thurs, Dec 21

Cole Watson looks back at his first year as a pro ultra runner, his DNF at CIM, and what he’s got in store for next year. Keep an eye on this guy.

ATTENTION: KAWAUCHI HAS LANDED. QUICK! SOMEONE TAKE HIS PASSPORT! Looks like he’ll be breaking the multiple sub 2:20 WR stateside and is also planning on running Boston in 2018.

An advocacy group for female pro cyclists has popped up to deal with pay disparities and other gender issues. I’m keenly interested to see the effects on the tours, sponsors, and federations and whether anything like this is established in the US.

Science: When your life goes haywire (ahem, holidays!), go for a run.

Clickbait: The human race has maxed out. You can all go home.

Very anxious to hear more about this adventure up the world’s tallest volcano.

I’m sorry, did you say Dunkin Donut craft beer?

Short day of sunlight, short day of news.


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