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Are you a trail and ultra runner? Married? Read this first: Chronicles from an endurance athlete’s wife. 

Did you run CIM and lose a very sentimental pendant/urn?  Someone found it.  Share this and let’s find its owner.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be watching this over and over again. Over twenty minutes of footage of the Miller/Hawks showdown this past weekend.  In my rundown on Monday, I wrote about the perfect crew/bottle handoff at Tenn Valley…check it out at the 1:31. Textbook.

…and here’s another short clip (with zero trail and ultra content) that’s caught my attention that I can’t stop watching. Must have sound on for full effect.

Speaking of marathons, could you run ten marathons in ten days? This guy did all of them in sub three hours. WOW.

Jay argues loudly about the one way we should be eating and why what you’re doing is wrong reasonably discusses why his diet works for him in trail and ultra races.

I tweeted this yesterday: The most misunderstood thing I’ve said today: “I’ve worked really hard to not have to wear pants to work.”

I’m a big fan of New Belgium brewing. Yeah, it’s big and stretches the definition of “microbrew”, but they’ve got a solid barrel aging facility and are releasing some new brews in 2017.

This’ll be fun.  A 2-day that’s only 20 minutes away.  Sign me up!

Speaking of multi-days…Lots of races going on this weekend, especially for multi-days.  (Couldn’t/shouldn’t multiway RDs spread these out a bit more, especially considering the smaller fields and participants’ willingness to travel? Just an idea…)

Courtney Dewaulter is running Desert Solstice this weekend, and I’ll admit to not being too familiar with her.  This article made me pay attention.

Hardrock 100’s official statement regarding the lawsuit and the dude bringing it.  And more from someone who was at the drawing.  

Everything you need to know about the recent USATF convention…and most of it is good news!

Running in Kenya: A Field Story.  

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