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With all the Olympic coverage, something slipped past a lot of us: The Audi Power of Four Trail Run in Colorado a few weeks ago.  From what I can tell, this was an automaker’s first real foray into sponsoring a trail and ultra event.  Will we see more of this bleed over?  Hopefully they had a positive ROI and other companies will put up cash for organization and rewards.  More props for having a stated drug policy.

Wait, I’ve had this dream before: Trail running with Emma Coburn.

The most famous (possible tainted) records in Olympic history.

These are the columns from David Roche that I love so much: Learn to run slow to run fast.

More on ultras and cannabis, from Avery and Jenn.  Avery insists he’s not high while racing, while Jenn seems pretty open about her in-competition use.

This. This why Jean is able to perform at such a high level as a Masters runner.  His recovery is dialed.

We could talk about politics, religion, gun control, abortion, or maybe whether or not a fat adapted diet works for athletics.

Mont Blanc tourists treating mountain “like theme park.”  Heh.  Welcome to Lake Tahoe on the weekends.  Do you have a similar situation?

102 year old woman reveals her secret to longevity. (Psst, it rhymes with deer.)

The Dirty German Ultra Fest in Philadelphia.  Good venue for a lederhosen 50M world record?

Speaking of outfits, do you know why female volleyball players wear bikinis?  Because they want to.

Fifteen hilarious track and field GIFs to set the mood for Hump Day.

Belgian dentist breaks the PCT record.

Recording new interview today with top ten finisher from Eastern States Endurance Run.

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