Trail and Ultramarathon Running Daily News | Monday, Feb 5

Justin brings us all the trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend, all packaged up in one fancy little bundle. What stands out for me:

  • Courtney and Camille both raced this weekend, and both won. Each woman was in shape and had time to travel. Daaaaang, I wish they would’ve both toed the line at the same event.
  • Ruperto Romero (54yo, interview here) bags the 50M win at Sean O’Brien and Jean Pommier (53, report here) takes the gold for the men at Jed Smith 50M. So much for looking forward to easier age groups!
  • Rocky Racoon was the USATF Championship. Meh. Are there any other sports where the apparent governing body’s championship events are less significant?

The healthiest people in the world eat a ton of carbs

Would a “stop and frisk” approach to doping be a good thing? Results profiling make some sense, but it’ll do no good so long as the TUE process is widely abused.

The do’s and don’ts of posting to the Let’sRun message boards. Just…don’t do it.

Study asks people if they’d stop running and racing ultramarathon distances if science proved them to be bad for health. Overwhelming majority says “hell no.”

The case against pacers/rabbits in marathons. I agree with the author. Would you support using pacesetters in an ultramarathon? 

Not a surprise: Modelo and Pacifico made from Mexican farm water.

Sherpa John digs into the growth (and stagnation) of ultramarathon events in the US. Lots of very interesting data.

Age-grading, altitude-adjusted times, and other methods of trying to compare non-equivalent performances are tiring me out. The beauty of this sport is that the clock doesn’t lie, so please stop trying to make it say things it never said. They’re interesting for discussion, but nothing more. Thoughts?

Do you use Strava and share your runs publicly? Be careful.

Trail running in Norway. In the deep snow. In the pitch black. Looks a little bit different than the buttery trails and 70 deg we’re having in California right now!

Speaking of snow, the Canadian badlands of Alberta offer up some pretty sweet looking trails for the winter. I’m assuming spring and summer are spectacular.

Men’s Journal: The 25 most adventurous women of the past 25 years. No runners, but plenty of women who use running to further their goals. Who’d they miss?

I generally watch the halftime show of the Superbown and pay little attention to the rest. Yesterday I watched the entire game and found it entertaining. Probably won’t watch another game until next Super Bowl, but hey, I don’t feel totally out of touch today.

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