Transformative Womens Shirt Design Help

This shirt (below) from rabbit and the Sarah Marie Design Studio caught my eye.  All the women whose names are listed have established themselves enough in the sport that they are known (at least in running circles) by their first name.  Desi. Kara. Shalane. Deena.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a shirt like that, but with the outstanding women in our sport of trail and ultramarathons?

I reached out to the folks at rabbit and asked if such a shirt exists and their response was awesome: Help us make one!

So this is where you come in.  

Of all the incredible female performances and runners throughout the years, how do we narrow it down to just six or seven tough, fast, and transformative women?  With the popularity and importance of Born to Run, where does Jenn Shelton fit in? How about 70 yo Gunhild Swanson, who captured the attention of runners everywhere when she finished Western States in 2015 with 6 seconds to go? Which women really represent this sport in a way we want to celebrate?

And hey, a bonus to you!  If you vote or comment, your name will be thrown in the hat to win some cool gear from rabbit (Jade’s review from this month is right here.) 

Here’s a shortlist of women who represent the very best of our wacky sport. From Ann’s incredible string of Western States wins to Kaci’s recent UROY nod, all of these women are recognizable by their first names.  Feel free to discuss names below, and rabbit will go off the poll on this page to determine which names make the final cut.  

I put the list together, and I’m sure there are some that deserve to be there that I forgot. For that, I apologize.  Please include them in the comment section below, and if it seems appropriate, I’ll add them to the list. As far as I know, the shirt will be available only in women’s sizes. Update: Men’s sizes will be available too.  Not sure on date, but they’ll be here!

Non-disclaimer disclaimer: I’m receiving nothing for this promotion. I just think it’s a cool idea.


Vote for up to seven names and rabbit apparel will use the names on an upcoming shirt.

Please include your email below. It's only used so I can contact you if you win.  
Ann (Trason)
808 Vote
Anna (Frost)
537 Vote
Amy (Rusiecki/Sproston)
56 Vote
Camille (Herron)
59 Vote
Caroline (Boller)
73 Vote
Darcy (Piceu)
133 Vote
Devon (Yanko)
209 Vote
Ellie (Greenwood)
563 Vote
Emelie (Forsberg)
378 Vote
Gunhild (Swanson)
252 Vote
Jenn (Shelton)
282 Vote
Kaci (Lickteig)
602 Vote
Liza (Howard)
240 Vote
Magda (Boulet)
467 Vote
Meghan (Arbogast)
239 Vote
Nikki (Kimball)
440 Vote
Pam (Smith/Reed)
168 Vote
Rory (Bosio)
228 Vote
Sabrina (Little)
71 Vote
Sally (McRae)
412 Vote
Stephanie (Howe)
244 Vote
Krissy (Moehl)
264 Vote
Michele (Yates)
129 Vote
Traci (Falbo)
180 Vote
Nicole (Studer)
170 Vote
Connie (Gardner)
213 Vote
Lizzy (Hawker)
37 Vote


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