Tripel Karmeliet (Tripel)

From the Brouwerij Bosteels in Belgium, here’s a complex, fun and very drinkable Tripel.  First, this thing pours crazy head.  I should have taken a picture right then, but I was too shocked to work the camera.  I’d say 80% of my tulip glass was head. The beer pours hay yellow and the head retains a tiny tinge of that color before it dissipates.

Smell-wise, it’s lemon, malt, banana and very yeasty and could be mistaken for a Saison. Drinking it brings out all the effervescence and other flavors like coriander and other spices I couldn’t ID.  Malt, wheat, and yeast are strong, but well balanced. This has got a crazy amount of bubbles and mouthfeel and if you swish it around in your mouth, every single taste bud will thank you for this sensation overload. This is what a Tripel should taste like. Definitely a fun and drinkable beer and one I’ll try again.  I paid $5 for a 11.2oz bottle.  ABV is 8.4%.

This is one of those beers (well, along with most) where the proper glass is really important. This beer needs room for the head and you don’t want to lose any of it.

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