Trois Dames Winter Sour Ale


Nice golden color with a nice white head.


Hoppy with some spice and melon. Not very sour, and certainly not mineral-like gueuzy. No bret yeast smells at all. Not impressive for a sour.


Mild and yeasty with a bit of a “spicy sour” aspect to it. Not fruity at all, but more funk. No sour pucker whatsoever, but grassy and barny instead.  I’d hesitate to even call this a sour…it’d be much better described as a wild ale and would make a pretty decent representation of one.

Who, how much, where

Trois Dames is brewed in Saint-Croix, Switzerland.

7% ABV and a knee buckling $14 for the 22oz.

Final thoughts

No way. Too expensive for a “sour” that just plain isn’t. I’d drink it as a wild ale and happily pay five or six bucks, but that’s not what happened here, is it?



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