Tues, Aug 28

Went on a course preview of That Damn Run trail half marathon a few days ago and loved it. Great part of the Cool trails, tons of uphill, tons of downhill, and some screaming fast single track. Pretty big bear sighting too!

Concentrated beer packets for camping? Huh?

What the hell is going on in North Carolina?!?

GZ wonders which events are left to determine UROY.  I agree with him entirely. Mike Morton seems most deserving (3 sub-14hr 100s) plus Badwater, but other events hold more weight with judges. We shall see.

The Science of Sport guys break down the Lance controversy.

Wyatt tacks away from the trails to focus on road marathons.  I appreciate someone who welcomes variety.

I didn’t realize the CrossFit vs Runner issue was still alive.

Adam Hewey‘s TRT attempt report.  I really enjoyed meeting Adam and had fun.  What did we learn from each other? Don’t shine your headlamp into a pit toilet.

Short and easy to understand article on the Three Energy Systems used while running.

So what exactly is a trail?

The RD of the Indiana Trail 100 is now offering $25k to any female who can beat the 100 mile AR (14:57:18).  Good move.

As we’ve posted before, the Philippines have a rockin’ ultra scene.

Nailed the reason for why/how we do what we do: “…I’m a stubborn bugger and it’s how you manage it.”

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