Tues, Aug 7

Cliff Young earns a posthumous “Badass of the Week” award.

The Lost Sierra Endurance Run looks like an event that could very quickly become really, really awesome. The location, the trails, the fact that Sierra Nevada Brewery is sponsoring it…

More good tips from Coach Ian Torrence. Read it. Learn it. Live it.

It’s less than a week away…5 guys (Gary Gellin, Jean Pommier, Adam Hewey, Victor Ballesteros, and Ben Lewis) will attempt to break Killian Jornet’s Tahoe Rim Trail 165 mile record. ¬†Weather should be great (if a little warm), and I’ll be there covering it (and running) along with ultralive.net. ¬†Stay tuned.

Once again, a scientific study I don’t (want to) believe.

How to make your own endurance drinks.

More studies are showing that what we thought helped us in recovery…doesn’t really.

“No matter whether you crash and burn, when you do the workouts you really hate, that’s when you find out what really suits you and when you grow.”

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