Tues, Dec 11

Many runners from TNFEC were unhappy with markings, course changes, etc., and approached The North Face in a professional way. In return, TNF responded to all runners with an apology and changes they’ll be making next year. Well done on both sides!


Good piece on Leadville.


I posted this last week, but dangit, it deserves another look. Scott Dunlap‘s presentation on endurance running and the human spirit.


100 beers to try before you die.


This guy paddled the entire Amazon River (~4100 miles)  in a kayak. Guess how long it took him.


Just read what Anton did on the 7th, then follow it up with his describing that as a “mellow” week.


Regrouping after a disappointing race.  She forgot the “anger/pissed off” stage.


It’s only one paragraph, but oh my god it’s so true.


Wow! Everest doesn’t look that big from orbit, does it?


We’ve added a few new entries to the URP Black Toenail Hall of Fame, and they are lovely.


Why ultrarunners are not family.  Someone got their granola pissed in, eh?


Cool HOKA video with Dave Mackey.



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