Tues, Dec 4

Want to go to a running and yoga retreat with Charlie Engle in Santa Barbara?

Did you see these great pics from Matt Trappe of TNF?

Did ya see the odds for the Western States lottery?

Gifts for beer lovers. Pretty lame, actually.  First on my list would be a proper set of glasses. I can’t stand seeing someone drink a Belgian out of a bottle.  They’re not to be fancy, they serve a purpose.

WTH? Napa Valley Marathon is $150 early registration, $250 otherwise. Suck it, RDs.

Here’s listener Joe Chick’s take on TNF 50k.

Coach Ian Torrence on two a days.

Jason Wolfe was not happy with the way TNF played out.

Wow, this guy had quite a year. Started and ended in Antarctica with a little Barkley finish thrown in between. Hat tip to GZ.

Do compression socks really work?  I’m a believer in their recovery benefits, and that’s it.

Video: Yeah it’s from a few months ago, but it’s Adam Campbell running some sweet trails in Canadia.

Want to run naked? Go to Kiwi Land. Thanks to Garry for this link!

Tri guy Mark Allen voted the Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time.

Lize is pretty fired up about how women are portrayed in sports.  Is ours different?

Not to worry, Leor is still running some sweet trails and climbing some wicked routes in the Sierra.

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