Tues, July 16

As I write this Mon night, Mike Morton is blazing a hell path across Death Valley.  It’s supposed to be 109 on Tuesday, but remember, the guy is a Green Beret from Florida. He can handle it.


Look closely! Matt Trappe Photography

Hardrock porn. Wow, I guess the stakes are raised when you’ve Joe Grant running and not taking pics. Incredible images.

Dakota’s Hardrock race report.

A letter to Olympic marathoners.

Sabrina Moran ticks off 135 miles at the Lone Ranger 24 hour run. Well done!

Smog: Is it worth it? I know guys who think it makes ’em tougher.

OK, can we stop all this blabber about the “sportsmanship” the TdF riders show? This is a group of athletes who (for the most part) have cheated in the past with drugs.

Inside Trail is looking for a few more volunteers for Saturday’s Table Rock run in Stinson Beach. It’s a great way to give back, learn more about the sport if you’re new to it, and earn a free race entry.  Click here.

New podcast alert: Check out our new episode with Kyle and Clarence Kugler. Dad ran WS back in the 80s, and Kyle ran it this year. How’d he train for the hills? You’ll have to listen to find out.




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