Tues, July 24

Beer run round up.

Great video of some Oregon runners circumnavigating Mt. St. Helens via the Loowit Trail.

Easily the best Hardrock video I’ve seen. ┬áThis really put it into perspective.

And here’s Joe Grant’s awesome HR100 reflection, replete with awesome pics.

Yay! Another Olympian busted for doping.

Anton goes on a fourteener fest. With pics.

Malcolm Gladwell (author of Blink and The Tipping Point) on Alberto Salazar.

For anyone who sees me out on a run and wonders what that thing is in my pants (ha!), it’s a Simple Hydration Bottle.

On the heels of Mike Morton podcast, here are the unofficial Crewing Guidelines, courtesy of the fine ladies at ultrachicksunite.

I gotta say, the Phillipines have a burgeoning ultra scene and are even giving out a P25,000 top prize…that’s almost $600 to the winner! Only problem is that first registration requirement…”participants must be physically and mentally fit.”

Here’s the guy who ran 7 marathons on 7 continents in 5 days, and guess what his secret liquid fuel was? Because it’s appearing on the URP Daily News, you probably guessed right.

Speaking of beer, this was the worst beer I’ve ever had. Shoulda known, as it was $2.00 for a 22oz in a small store in the mountains.

And as the proud owner of a few bottles of Brux, here’s an interview with the Russian River Brewery’s head beer dude.



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