Tues, July 3

Timmy Olson’s WS100 Race Report links.  

Nick Clark’s full report here.

Speaking of Tim, one unintended consequence of inviting my folks up to watch WS was my mom developing a crush on Hal.  Probably shoulda seen that coming.

The BTMR (Barr Trail Mountain Race) is cancelled due to fires.

Speaking of Colorado, Sean O’Day posts some pics of peaks we don’t get to experience in California.

Tim Long is offering hill training clinics in Muir Beach if anyone’s interested.  I need a downhill clinic bad, as that’s easily my weakest link.

Can you go sub-20 at Leadville?

So Jeneba Tarmoh chickened out for the head-to-head against Felix in the Oly Trials.  Some say it’s a USATF conspiracy, I dunno.  But I do wonder how it would be handled in our sport.  Say, at UROC with money at stake, what would happen in a tie? Split it? Arm wrestle? A do-over?


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