Tues, June 12

Anton on a 14'er. Photog unknown.

Anton posts some killer pics and an FKT. 

To hell with a diet. Check it out: Lemon ginger beer cupcakes.

What kind of training does it take to run a 5:00 mile at age 57? Not much, it turns out.

Joe Grant has fun with a GoPro.

Some great advice from Olive Oil Joe on running your first hundred.

Scott Dunlap rides a century through the beautiful Northern California Gold Country.

Jez Bragg on How Your Mind Matters in the Long Run.

Damn, Lucho is putting in some strong workouts. Even with a twingy ankle, he’s an animal.

This triathlete seems like he could catch the ultrail bug.  4th overall? Not bad!

There’s a lesson in Mackey’s Dipsea race report.




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