Tues, June 26

Don’t forget about the “older” athletes like this. ¬†She’s worked her butt off and now it’ll hopefully pay off!

Max King qualifies for the Olympic trials in the Steeplechase. Here’s a quick interview with him. Awesome!

I know I give cycling a lot of crap, but it’s only because I love watching it. Here are five great reasons to watch the TdF.

Hill training is possible even without the hills. Did you hear our WS podcast with Zach Bitter? Dude trains on a sledding hill…but does it 25 times.

Speaking of hills, this guy is kicking ass on Hope Pass.

Here are some great pics from the past few days of Olympic Trials.

Finally, a big Happy Birthday to Scotty. He turns 40 today and enters a new age group.

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