Tues, May 22

New York Times dissects Caballo Blanco’s last days.

Athletes better equipped to play through pain. I wonder where we fit in. How does science measure pain, and how does an ultra compare to, say, an MMA fight.

Some more great pics from Joe Grant.

Once again, Jean Pommier‘s racing/work schedule boggles my mind.

Flume Trail

Timmy Olsen heads back home to run his 3rd 50 miler in 4 weeks.

I’m heading up to run the Flume Trail in Lake Tahoe on Sat June 8th. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at eric (dot) schranz (at) ultrarunnerpodcast (dot) com.

Everyone’s getting excited about Western States training camp this weekend. I’ll be out of town, but have fun!


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