Tues, May 29

Video: CBS Sunday Morning looks into Louis Zamperini.

Light and trendy running shoes are selling well. As I always say to new runners…get ’em dirty and they all look the same.

It sounds like everyone had a great time at Western States Training Camp this weekend. Tick tock, tick tock, the “Big Dance” is fast approaching!

Here’s a sub-seven minute mile.  sdrawkcaB

Seven ways to improve while injured.

Inspired by the Fruitarian podcast and Jurek’s new book, I’m doing a week long all fruit diet. No cooked food, no seeds, no meat, no beer.  I’ve never gone on a “diet” before, never not eaten meat, so this should be interesting. I’ll update our FB page with the progress. Wish me (and everyone I come into contact with) luck.

FKT’s vs Races.

Wow: New post from Joe Grant with some incredible images from the Skyrunning series.

Zola Budd is running Comrades. With shoes.

The pros and cons of collegiate runners racking up high mileage.




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