Tues, Nov 13

Part 1 of 3 part series on cheating in sports. Looks like this’ll be really interesting.

That’s Doctor Blade Runner, thank you.

Why was the NYC Marathon cancelled, but the NFL game carried on? A little lesson in the two sports.

I read on GZ’s blog who read it here that the guy who’s got the FKT on the Incline just tested positive for PEDs. Doesn’t seem like he was making any money at the sport, which is always the argument for increased prize purses in MUT events…”If you offer money then people will start cheating!” Huh.

Did you see our new review of the Isis for Women jacket?

NUC, but isn’t that a cool way to see a forest?

Sometimes we just can’t help but race and take the hard way, body be damned.

Good read:¬†More on falls from Olive Oil Joe. ¬†After I fall (which is often), I run scared for a minute or two…is that a twitchy tendon? Did I pull something there? Is that a funky ligament?

Interesting new diagnosis ideas from Geoff Roes…stress-induced fatigue syndrome. Get better soon, we want you back on the trails!

Barefoot army boots?

R2R2R at the Grand Canyon with Solar Weasel and Sage Canaday in the snow.

Woman burned in awful Kimberly Ultra in Australia receives settlement from the State.

Comrades recognized as being the oldest ultramarathon in the world, but only 3rd oldest marathon. Can you guess the oldest and second oldest?

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