Tues, Nov 20

News will be short today. Horrible stomach flu. Ugh. Don’t know what to expect tomorrow.

The World Doping Agency wants to double suspension times for drug cheats. Why not make it easy and ban them for life?

Check out our new product review of the Montrail Rogue Fly. My first time owning Montrails and I was impressed.

A one man Dusk to Dawn run celebrating the Winter Solstice.

Max King’s JFK race report. If I could only bet on one MUT runner all year, it’d be Max. Not that’d I’d participate in that sort of activity.

Ian Sharman geeks out on statistics and predictions. I could read this stuff all day.

Scott Dunlap‘s annual gift guide. I like the bib coasters, but where’s the cool URP beer koozie???

Were you inspired by our podcast with Sarah Lavender Smith? She’s had quite a summer with a cast of adventures and characters and now imparts the adventure race list on to you.¬†

A masters competitor faces the facts with age and slowing down. Sounds like he needs a good race to snap him back.

A letter to the President about his recent trip overseas mirrors the writer’s recent 50 miler.

Remember our interview with Sabrina Moran? Here’s her race report from Ultracentric 24 hour. ¬†Spoiler alert: She came in first overall.

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