Tues, Nov 27

Challenging 3 common training myths (warning: includes minimalism debate.)

Yes, there’s an Ugly Sweater Run, and yes, beer is involved.

Oh boy, this guy decided to put out a Top 10 Ultrarunners of All Time list.  Isn’t that like brining up religion or politics at the dinner table?

You heard our new podcast with Mike Foote, right?

As always, Bryon does a great job of breaking down the entrants for The North Face 50 this weekend. Here’s the mens field, and here is the women’s.  Not a slight on anyone–more of a testament to the depth of our sport–but the predictions are rarely correct, and this year the weather will certainly be the big factor…rainy and windy and cold.  For the record, my money is squarely on Leor Pantilat. Here’s his ultrasignup.

…and here is Ian Corless’ss’ss’s breakdown of the race.

Here’s a cheetah running in super slow motion.  Awesome!

Great Race Report from Chimera 100.  I’ll break it down…he decided to run it a day before, traded some beer for an entry, had no real training, no pacer, no crew, and still pulled off a respectable finish. In sandals.

Remember Russ “The Kansas City Kid” Thomas interview from last year? He’s back to blogging and running and it’s hilarious.

The boys at Ultra 168 have their own gift guide.  Again, no stickers or beer koozies?

This guy’s JFK50 didn’t go exactly as planned, but now he’s got the “I broke my hand during a race and finished the damn thing so quit yer bitchin” story to tell.

Study: Protein supplements boost benefits of strength training, especially in older folks.

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