Tues, Oct 16

In the James Varner interview, we spoke about tattoos as prizes.  Attentive listener Scott let us know that, in fact, the Single Speed World Championship forces the winner to get either tattooed or branded.  Check it out here.

Here we go again….what’s the best way to run? Midfoot, barefoot, etc.  From  my perspective, achilles injuries have increased tremendously recently, coinciding with the advent of zero-drop shoes. Correlation or causation, I don’t know.

Did you catch our FB discussion on the roadracer busted for using EPO?  Runner’s World has got the whole story.

Our “Donation Aid Station” is up and running again. It bonked a few days ago, but has rallied. If you want your sticker or beer koozie, check it out here.

This book draws parallels between ultrarunning and a sustainable society, written by a guy who knows what he’s talking about. WANT.

The most brutal footraces on the planet.  Reeaaaly?  That’s got to be one of the worst lists I’ve ever seen.

Joe Grant does some trail reconnaissance and takes some fascinating pictures on Reunion Island.

What the pros do during the off season.

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