Tues, Oct 2

Dom Grossman learns some lessons at UROC.

Anyone registering for the free Hilloween Hill Climb? Looks like a fun “virtual” race.

Why don’t ferrets get runners high? Bring on the science!

Check out Leor’s latest photo album from the Rae Lakes Loop? Ho-ly. Mo-ly.

Let’s geek out with Max King’s Polar data from UROC, shall we?

Looks like there’s another new trail/ultra company in the Bay Area. Anyone ever heard of them before? It’s hard to explain to people not living here how many events we have…now we’ll have even more.

Some pretty great pictures of the Grand to Grand Ultra from last week. We’ll be speaking with Sarah Lavender Smith today to get her story.

Must read: Ian Torrence writes about the importance of recovery.  

Says this Army soldier about an ultra in North Pole (not the North Pole, just North Pole), “something I’ve learned is that your body can adapt if your psychology is there.”  Bingo.

An article on Scotty’s and mine current love/hate interest.  FTR, my achilles are feeling a bit better. Stretching and rolling, stretching and rolling. I haven’t decreased my mileage or intensity, and the higher drop shoes are feeling a lot better. I’ve got a 50M in 2 weeks and will be good to go.  Thanks for the emails and notes.

Runaway Bride dress, complete with bouquet holder and hidden fuel belt.

With the increasing trend of tying the knot at the finish line, a company has released a “runaway bride dress.”

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