Tues, Oct 23

This guy ran from Wash DC to Santa Monica a few months ago, now he’s running from Maine to Oregon, all self-supported, and all for a good cause.

More on what a PITA Lance was.  Lawsuits, intimidation, ugh.

Video porn: Alpine trail running in the Swiss Alps.

NUC: Wildlife photography award winners.

Speaking of photography, did you see our new review of the Clik Elite Sprint waist pack? It’s a waist pack that’s designed to carry a DSLR on long runs.

Sorry for your loss, but you people are idiots. ¬†Suing Strava…realllly?

12 reasons handhelds are better than hydration packs.

Running fast while getting older.

Glen Redpath’s second installment of his Spartathlon race report.

Here’s an inspiring story about a marathoner who made it work.

Some new beer reviews, too. A fantastic Belgian from Orange County, and a blah Quad from New England.




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