Tues, Oct 9

Running is corporal punishment?

This Filipino guy is running around the world.

Cortisone injections. For or against?

Great piece on ultrarunning, UROC, AJW, etc.

Gary Gellin’s Tahoe Rim Trail SFKT attempt ended yesterday at around 125 miles of the 165 mile journey.  After being on record pace for 90 miles, his knees blew up Correction: severe sleep deprivation got to him and he had to make the tough decision to stop.  Nice effort Gary!

Here’s my smart decision for the year: I’m DNS’ing Firetrails this weekend. The Achilles is just too sore and there are giant lumps of scar tissue I can feel from the outside. Not good. I’ll pass on this one so I can race next month. It’s the one I wanted to do least anyway.

How to brag.  There’s a strategy to it.

What happened on Mt. Marathon this year? 2 major injuries, and one guy disappeared.

Leor dishes up some more incredible 14’er porn. Yeah, I’m jealous.

No sh#t. Really? This is news?

Did ya see the new list for Western States qualifiers?




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