Tues, Sep 4

The benefits of a bad workout from Coach Greg.

Something tells me there’s some copyright infringement going on at the “Forrest Gump Ultramarathon” in Zagreb, Croatia.

Great UTMB video.

…and an awesome extreme (I hate that word) sports video.

So this product tester (who they tout as a “real pro and ultra endurance athlete”) names this Garmin as the best trail/mountain GPS, happens to mention in the final graf that it’s not good for ultras or triathlon. Product review FAIL.

You know when you’re thinking…yeah, if I win the lotto, I’d do some really cool $h&@…well, this is the type of stuff I’m talking about.

Too young to have a stroke? Think again. My mother in law–she’s 54–recently had a major stroke and that’s something I never ever want to go through. Pay attention, folks.

Runner’s body found 4 hours off course. RIP.

This guy is running from San Francisco to Santa Barbara (while others are relay-swimming the distance!) and is looking for a few extra people to help out. If you’ve got any extra time at the end of the month, get hold of me and I’ll pass it along. Briefly, his plan: “I plan on running from San Francisco to Santa Barbara using Bike Route 95. I will be leaving on Monday, September 24th. I hope to finish it by Friday the 28th. I need someone who is comfortable driving a 22ft RV. I have a primary driver ¬†however I would like to find a second person so that she can rest when she wants to not just when I decide to take a break. Someone who knows Bike Route 95 would be a plus.” Fundraiser for the Semper Fi fund, so moneys raised go to a good cause. Good luck!

Don’t run yourself into tendonitis.

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