Tues Sept 11

Looks like Jurek will be volunteering at Pine to Palm this weekend. Solid guy.  Speaking of Ashland, there’s a few days left to win yourself a free entry to Rogue Valley Runners’ Lithia Loop Trail Marathon in November. See our Facebook page for more details. Name a beer after Hal and win!

Nice pic/video montage from CCC 100k.

How to train at sea level and race at altitude.  Ahem, you heard our interview with Hal, post Hardrock, right?

How hard is streak running? OK, now add on looooong stretches of international travel.  Now consider that this guy’s a joggler.

It took a study to figure out why teens who eat less are still heavier than their peers.  Hint: it rhymes with lexercise.

Have you heard of boosting? Hardcore!

Did you know that Timothy Olson has only been running trails and ultras for three years?

This guy, is racing, a, car.

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