Tuesday, Dec 18

Here’s the Caitlin Smith interview we promised yesterday. Sorry for the technical glitch.


I never realized how much non-runners resented us.


This writer apparently believes that no one ever does anything wrong. Even Lance.  Barf.


Good review on a book I want for Christmas: Lydiard and the beginning of the running movement.


Book me  a flight to Sweden please.  Outside of US/Canada and Oz, URP sees a ton of traffic from our Swedish friends. Who knew?


Ellie discusses body weight of ultrarunners: “I’m one of the heavier women in the top 10. I’m not really bothered; it seems to work.”  Yeah, I’d say so.


Aliza LaPierre nails it…the relationship between poetry and running outdoors.


Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t but regardless, videos of Kilian are astounding…and apparently, based on the feedback, a big draw with ‘da ladies.


Speakin of ladies, be safe out there.  Not to flame, but here’s one option.


Do you remember what it felt like after your first time? Marathon, ultra, whatever. #10 is my weakness.


Looks like Anton’s 2013 race schedule will be a bit light.  He’ll certainly be busy bagging peaks and running some crazy races, but the list isn’t long yet.  This is the one that freaks me out. Wow! Avg time is 48 hours!


Ian Sharman reports from the Desert Solstice events. The font color is tough, but there’s good stuff there.


Feel like running 150 miles in the snow next week? They’ll leave a light on for you.


Here’s some PTP (Pantilat Trail Porn) to keep you busy.







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