Tuesday, June 19

WIth Killian’s unfortunate DNS at WS, we’ve not got a race! Check out our Facebook page for a new contest where you pick the top three. Here are Karl’s odds.

Have you read about the 72yo guy who won Dipsea?

Mosop is on the DL of the Kenyan Olympic Marathon team. He’s replaced by Emmanuel Mutai, so I think they’ll be OK.

More pics of Sequoia National Park from Leor Pantilat. A-mazing.

Banagaloreans are on the run! No, not the cars in Back to the Future.

Hmmm, a 50k through Tuscany.

Check out those mountains! Video of a nice little jaunt with Dom Grossman and Tony Krupicka.

These things are awesome, and now I’m thinking how great they’d be in a drop-bag cooler for water bottles.


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